This is our dream team:

Caio Branco

Co-founder / Director

Graduated on Cultural Production by the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, he worked in production companies, as executive producer, and as consultant and reviewer for the Brazilian government. Caio also worked formatting, developing and producing music and audiovisual projects in Rio de Janeiro. Now he is focused on management and monetization of artistic careers of our / Algazarra Produtiva’s clients and associates.

Jessica Vargas

Artistic Producer

She began her professional carrer at age 19 and is studying music production in IATEC RJ. Jessica worked at the State Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro and the 2014 Varilux French Film Festival. Nowadays she is responsible for general demands of artistic production and everything that involves the music shows of our / Algazarra Produtiva’sartists.


Mari Matos


Has worked with the organization and administration of cultural projects. She developed her experience in theater production and ventured herself in the music field, as executive producer. After outstanding performance in the market, worked as a consultant in the Department responsible for cultural productions in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Actually, besides being responsible for the Algazarra Produtiva’s projects sector, idealizes and creates projects for clients.

Juca Aguilera


Currently pursuing the BA in Cultural Production at UFF – Universidade Federal Fluminense which is a federal university, located in the State of Rio de Janeiro. He has a good sense of the work that involves him because of his musical preference. His goal is precisely to understand the mechanisms of the production, especially musical production, willing to map, in here, new experiences 

Felipe Maximiano

Co-founder / Director

He has experience producing theatrical plays, dance, cinema, music shows and festivals, including chamber groups and symphony orchestra. Although, Felipe loves to manage cultural projects. He is a businessperson with background in many development units seeking innovation in his projects. He is currently responsible for directing our / Algazarra Produtiva’s projects.